Lower your communication costs and expand your reach

If you’re looking for enterprise-level technology to strengthen your business’ voice communications, Soho IT Limited’s VoIP solution will keep you in touch with your team, partners, and customers more easily without breaking your IT budget.

Not only does VoIP lower your long-distance call costs compared to traditional phone systems, you can also make and receive calls by using your existing phones, renting high-end hardware, or dovetailing both online and landline phone systems. Soho IT Limited also specialises in traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephony solutions, which means you’ll receive a dedicated telephone network just for your office.

Whichever solution you opt for, you’ll be getting not just a bespoke telephony system, but excellent customer service from our team as well. We listen intently to your requirements -- vital for ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

The advantages of switching to Soho IT Limited’s VoIP telephony solutions include:

  • Bespoke phone system to fit your business needs
  • The latest communication capabilities without breaking the bank
  • Save money and time with online phone services
  • Scalability feature enables you to downgrade or upgrade anytime

Managed IT Support

Release yourself from the hassles of in-house IT maintenance. Our bespoke support packages provide reliable support with sustained cost savings.

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Enjoy higher productivity levels, enhanced team collaborations, and improved communications whilst lowering your costs. Make the move to the cloud.

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For reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective network connectivity that carries voice, data, and internet traffic, Soho IT Limited can customise a leased line solution for you.

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Your business will always be at risk with cyber threats. Soho IT Limited’s Security solutions will keep your data and network safe and compliant.

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