About Soho IT Limited

Providing London businesses with strategic solutions for growth and productivity

SLA-driven IT support with a passion

For small- and medium-sized businesses looking for the ultimate technology support solution, let Soho IT Limited be your one-stop-shop to turn to. We set the framework for a highly bespoke and friendly support system sealed with a service level agreement (SLA) to ensure you are getting your investment’s worth.

Our goal is to help your organisation run more efficiently and productively so you can better serve your customers, and ultimately, increase your bottom line. As your technology advisor, we provide innovative business solutions that not only cut your costs, but enable your infrastructure to be highly scalable and flexible.

Our Past

Soho IT Limited was originally founded in 2008 by Wayne Stanley after many years of managing internal IT systems for multinational companies. During this time, Wayne developed a more cost-effective way of technology management support for growing organisations through fixed-fee monthly support packages. It was at this point when Soho IT Limited was born and the rest, as they say, is history.


Here’s how Soho IT Limited can work for you

  • We serve as your IT Manager and Strategic IT Advisor
  • We provide a virtual IT Team who are always available with SLA-driven support
  • We provide project-based IT support in cases where you need specialised skills or vendor contracts